Colouring Food

Naturally sourced ingredients are increasingly essential in the global food and beverage industry.

The Natural colours market continues to put increased demand on simple label ingredients for Europe. With this colouring foods product line, it lends the opportunity for DDW to continue working closely with customers to meet and exceed their natural colour needs. European consumers and retailers alike continue to prefer natural foods and ingredients. DDW’s new Colouring Foods will continue to fill these market needs with the expansion to the already wide product portfolio of Caramels, Burnt Sugars & Natural Colours.

For further information on EU legislation on colour and guidelines on colouring food, click these links:

EU Legislation

Guidance Notes

If you have any specific questions on regulations and labelling, please contact us directly.


Color Bar

The DDW Color Selector

Do you have a color in mind to give your product that vibrant burst of distinction?

Use the DDW Color Selector below to select a coloring food for your specific requirements.

Color availability will vary by application and processing method. DDW will work closely with you to select the best color option for you product.

Our Commitments

  • 100% natural and simple label.
  • Guaranteed food safety and quality.
  • Principles of sustainability.